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To set up access to PASSport, call (404)257-8811.

PASSport User Guide

What is PASSport?

PASSport is a secure, password protected, personal website that can display your entire financial picture in one location with real-time account balances; store your legal and personal documents; and provide an assortment of budgeting and planning tools.

How Secure is PASSport?

PASSport has built-in advanced security features to keep your information safe and secure, including password protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, virus testing, security audits and inspections, policies and procedures. Whereas many financial institutions use 128 bit encryption, PASSport uses advanced 256 bit secure socket layer encryption. Security auditors constantly, 24 hours a day, try to compromise or defeat the security of the system. They have never been successful. PASSport is designated as a VeriSign secure site.


Can I, or anyone else, make changes to my financial accounts through PASSport?

No. PASSport is a non-transactional system that only allows you to view your accounts. Your money can not be moved, withdrawn or accessed.

What other features does PASSport offer that set it apart from what my own financial institution offers?

In addition to displaying your entire financial picture in one snapshot, PASSport will also run reports, organize your contacts, monitor your budget, and store digital documents in your personal Vault. There are interactive Workshops and the Education Center features full color, informational pamphlets, articles and videos.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is secure digital storage of your legal documents, personal papers, pictures and anything else that you upload to your personal website. It is accessible 24 /7.

All Magellan Legal clients will have password secured .pdf files of their legal documents uploaded to their personal vaults. It may prove beneficial to have easy access to your healthcare powers of attorney while traveling, for instance.

If requested, Magellan Tax clients can have secure copies of their tax returns uploaded to their personal vaults.

Is there a cost associated with PASSport?

Magellan Planning Group incurs a regular cost to host the PASSport software; however, as a valued client, we provide access to PASSport at no cost to you.

Where can I access PASSport?

You can access PASSport from an Internet connected device anywhere, at anytime.