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Why Magellan

Where does Magellan Planning Group get its name?

Imagine—the year is 1519. The world is a very large place—much of it unknown and unexplored. Like Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan believes that the east can be accessed by sailing west. Unlike Columbus, however, Magellan was the first to actually prove it…by doing it.

After years of planning and researching other mariners’ maps and reports, the Portuguese Admiral set sail from Spain with five vessels and 270 men. After myriad trials and tribulations—including the death of Magellan himself—on September 6, 1522 the only 18 surviving crew members returned to Spain, completing the first circumnavigation of the earth; thus engraving Magellan’s name into history.

If not for the resolute planning of Admiral Magellan, his King’s mission would have failed, his tribulations been forgotten, and his name lost to history forever.

Our namesake provides the quintessential example of superior planning and preparation.

Today—some 500 years later—the world is a much smaller place. Circumnavigation of the globe is a matter of hours, not years. But our modern advanced civilization also comes with intricacies and complexities that the good Admiral could never have imagined, and that can be as costly and confusing as crossing the perilous Antarctic strait that bears Magellan’s name.

Wills, trusts, probate, taxes, inflation, stock market fluctuations, long term care, estate taxes, outliving your money…the list of things to worry about goes on and on—with many opportunities to make mistakes.

You may employ the best attorney, the best accountant and the best financial planner, but if they are not coordinating their efforts, there are likely gaps in your planning.